for getting started with the basics of making a static website you will deal with html & css.
you can practice by using the codes included in my free base layout !
crediting me is not necessary, but appreciated
please feel free to make your actual website layout using this base project by changing images, arranging the codes, then uploading your final project anywhere you like !
 ・ this base code includes some explanations about how i do image and text positioning, text formatting, basic layout arrangement, adaptation for mobile view, divs and tables.

 ・ you don't need to advance too much for making beautiful image-based layouts ( it's more a matter of graphic design than coding ) but if you're interested in making more interactive & dynamic content i recommend learning javascript throughfully, as well as css animations.

 ・ any dynamic content ( such as message boards, shopping features or multiplayer interactivity ) requires server connection. adding these to your static website is possible if you host your own server, or make use of platforms that offer the installation of widgets.

 ・ you will know the codes by heart one day, but copying is fine too, when you're getting started. the important thing is to modify things and learn during the process. don't refrain from copying some codes from my other web pages, and focus on the results !

 ・ remember to take your time and don't rush things. web design is a lot of fun, and you can accomplish satisfactory results quickly, if you keep the project scope accordingly to your current capacities.